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April 12, 2024

All You Need to Know About EA Sports FC 24

  • August 12, 2023
  • 5 min read
All You Need to Know About EA Sports FC 24

All You Need to Know About EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24: Everything You Need to Know 

EA Sports FC 24 is set to release later this year in September 2023. The new version is moving away from its traditional FIFA license to venture into the new era of football video games. 

The game promises to offer drastic improvements in terms of gameplay and could also bring some changes to the Ultimate Team feature. The game still reserves the license when it comes to official teams and leagues despite ending its partnership with FIFA. 

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EA Sports FC: Features

EA Sports FC 24 is regarded as one of the most awaited games this year in Pakistan. It has left the fans curious concerning the new features in this version. It is evident that the developers have put in plenty of effort to improve the game. 

In this section, we will delve into some of its standout features which include:

Career Mode

EA has worked hard to bring plenty of positive changes into its career and managerial mode. Plenty of gamers suspect that they will bring plenty of changes to the managerial career and try to match the quality of the Football Manager

We might see private leagues introduced in the new version which will allow players to play and compete with their friends. You can stay updated with all the latest updates on their official website

HyperMotion V Technology 

Another great feature that EA plans to add is Hypermotion V technology. This technology will help in improving the graphics and animations of the game. 

Plus, it will also increase the frame rate to 590 million FPS. This technology can help EA Sports FC 24 to go on to become one of the best football video games out there. 

EA FC 24 Heroes Revealed 

EA FC 24 has now also introduced the list of the heroes that will feature in the game. They include: 

  • Dmitri Berbatov
  • Alex Scott
  • Vincent Kompany
  • Carlos Tevez
  • Nadine Kessler
  • Kanu

Apart from heroes, it has also introduced a list of Icons: 

  • Zinedine Zidane
  • Pele
  • Ronaldinho
  • Didier Drogba
  • David Beckham

This list of icons and heroes is bound to get football lovers excited for the upcoming game. This feature can attract plenty of football lovers who have watched these legends while growing up. Seeing them again will bring back nostalgic memories of the past. 

Agents for Player Modes

In this new version, we might see agents playing a more active role in player mode. The agents are likely to offer advice and guidance to the players in addition to club negotiation. They will help the players take their careers to the next step with their insight. 

Women Footballers in the Ultimate Team

For the first in football video game history, women footballers will share the pitch with men footballers. This feature will allow you to make dynamic and hybrid squads. You can now finally have your favorite football players together in one team. 

On top of that, EA will also feature new leagues and competitions in the series which will include Bundesliga, UEFA Women’s Champions League, and Liga F. 

Additional Features

EA Sports FC’s additional features also include some of the classic and fan-favorite aspects. They include: 

  •     Ultimate Team
  •     Career Mod
  •     19,000+ players
  •     700+ teams
  •     30 official leagues

Overall, the game will bring out the best quality performance with its lightning-fast Frostbite engine. 

Why did EA Switch from FIFA to EA Sports FC?

After plenty of negotiations and disputes, EA decided to pursue its venture by developing its own football game. Some rumors suggest that after their contract expired, FIFA asked for a whopping $1 billion to renew the license. 

However, EA decided that it was better to invest that amount into the game to improve its gameplay and features. Hence, the 20-year partnership came to an end. The only missing feature could be the absence of the World Cup option in the game. 

FIFA has also released its statement in which it said that FIFA will pursue its own football game. They will choose another developer other than EA to pursue their project so it could be possible that we will continue to see FIFA games over the years.

Many experts doubt that we will see a FIFA game this year but there is a speculation that we might see it next year. Only the future will tell how it all unfolds. 

FIFA FC 24 Release Date in Pakistan

EA Sports FC 24 release date in Pakistan is set for 29 September 2023. You can now contact Games4U to get more information to place your pre-orders and orders. 

EA FC 24: Supported Consoles

You will see the new EA Sports FC across multiple consoles and PC. The list includes: 

  •     Xbox Series X
  •     Xbox Series S
  •     Xbox One
  •     Xbox One X
  •     PlayStation 5
  •     PlayStation 4 Pro
  •     PlayStation 4
  •     Windows
  •     Nintendo Switch

This version will not be available for old consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. Therefore, you might have to upgrade your consoles to play the new version of EA Sports FC 24. 

Final Thoughts 

EA Sports FC is one of the most promising projects that aims to offer a unique experience to football lovers. It looks all set to be an instant hit in Pakistan with improved gameplay and features. 

If you want to buy EA Sports FC 24 in Pakistan, feel free to place an order on Games4U.

Games4U is one of the leading stores in Pakistan which promises premium quality at affordable prices.

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